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We believe in continuing the educational journey throughout the lives of educators, entrepreneurs, and students alike. We also believe that no human should go through life alone. That’s where our Masterminds come in. We have groups for Edupreneurs, school administrators, and educational leaders.

Our goal is to help you find your people, expand your understanding of your little piece of the educational world, and help you grow and expand. We hope that you’ll take some time to investigate our mastermind offerings below as well as some of our education business partners that have been specifically curated for schools and educational business owners.

We are glad you are joining us to "Education, Together."

Edupreneurship Mastermind

Each year there are hundreds of teachers and administrators who have a great idea for an education product or service and leave their position at their school to launch this new business. Where the idea is strong and the understanding of the field is deep, these educators often struggle on the business and strategy side of launching and scaling a business. The FerskenED Edupreneur Mastermind was launched to support and grow these business hand-in-hand with these business owners.

Curated For Eduprenuers

There are so many education partners, suppliers, and companies available for schools and small education businesses to partner with in their day-to-day operations. It can be overwhelming to determine if these groups are effective, supportive, and the right fit for your organization. FerskenED has taken the struggle out by working with education professionals to vet each organization and offer only the very best education partners.

DynamicED: School Leader Mastermind

Just like the old African Proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together,” partnering with someone who has experience in the projects and fields you need support is the best way to take your organization to the next level. The FerskenED team and industry partners stand willing to help with education services and consulting opportunities to support schools through marketing, operations, academics, government affairs, parent advocacy, and business solutions.

Forms and Templates Repository

As a school leader or small business owner, there are many forms, documents, and efforts where a template would save a lot of time, energy, and stress. The FerskenED Digital Education Products and Services Repository hosts blank versions of these forms including things like RFP responses, applications, and many more. The FerskenED team is also open to support the customization and completion of documentation needs via the education services and consulting solutions.

Partnership Listings

The current FerskenED Mastermind Membership listing showcases the members businesses, current projects, and website links to get a more full picture of the different members and their organizations.

Scholarships and Student Achievement

FerskenED is proud to partner with students and educators alike through the FerskenED Scholarship, coming in mid-2023.

We will offer a Student Scholarship Program where the focus is directly on supporting graduating seniors and students working toward innovative learning opportunities and education related entrepreneurship activities.


Tara Reed   

CEO, Apps without Code
My company recently decided to expand into K-12 markets. FerskenED has really opened our eyes to the public education (junior high/high school) landscape. The best part is that they have personally introduced us to many district, charter, and EdTech partners which has been super helpful.

Patrick Malone   

Regional Director of Operations,North Texas, Great Hearts Texas
We greatly enjoyed the training that Chase at FerskenED conducted for the Operations Teams on our campuses! His training was thoughtful, engaging, and enjoyable. We will definitely consider FerskenED

Tim Moran   

CEO, Riverfront Strategies
FerskenED excels in academic policy research and advocacy planning. The team continually exceeds our expectations through event management ranging from small group meetings & training to school-wide events & capital days. I highly recommend FerskenED for any education advocacy and public affairs efforts you may need.