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Hello Edu

Hello Edu Tutoring offers academic instruction in addition to supporting the development of executive functioning skills. The goal of the tutoring is to help individuals develop the skills they need to effectively plan, prioritize, and execute tasks, as well as manage their time and resources more efficiently.

The student is supported holistically using a variety of techniques, such as teaching study and organizational strategies, providing guidance on goal-setting, and helping students identify and overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals.

Adamo Education

Adamo Education is the next evolution of learning, combining the best elements from traditional, digital and at home learning to create a positive, personalized environment where children love to learn.

Our learning model features exceptional certified educators focused on providing authentic, hands-on learning with quality attention for every child. Using proven, evidence-based, engaging curriculum, we work in partnership with parents to create the optimal, flexible learning environment for each child.

At Adamo Education, we believe every child can learn and every student can be successful.

Gifted Resources

Gifted Resources is consulting service committed to helping both schools and families unlock the infinite potential of gifted children. With a deep understanding of the unique needs of this population, and a commitment to providing personalized coaching, training, and consulting services.

Gifted Resources is the go-to resource for anyone looking to create a nurturing and challenging environment for gifted and talented students. Our goal is to help schools become destination districts where top talent thrives and empower parents to their gifted students so they can become the best version of themselves.

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