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Our DynamicED Mastermind is focused on educators ranging from teachers, to administrators, to district and EMO professionals to learn, grow, and expand their future job opportunities.

DynamicED hosted by Dr. Jill Hollander

Designed by someone who has been there...

Dr. Jill Hollander is an educator with extensive administrative experience at the school and district levels. Her expertise spans English, History, Film Studies, and Writing, with roles including teacher, principal, coordinator, director, and VP of Education.

Dr. Hollander is thrilled to lead the DynamicED Mastermind, focusing on Professional Learning that will be immediately impactful at schools and districts.

Dr. Hollander is thrilled to be leading the DynamicED Mastermind as she focuses on Professional Learning for educators that will be immediately impactful at schools and districts.

Why join a Mastermind?


Hey there, fellow educators! Are you tired of the status quo in your classrooms? Ready to level up, go further, and achieve more than you ever thought possible? Then it's time to join the DynamicED Mastermind!

We know the struggles of searching for professional learning opportunities that are meaningful and will make an impact right away. We've all sat in those PD sessions where some brainiac researcher (who has never stepped forot in a classroom) "teaches" us how to be successful. The DynamicED Mastermind is different.

Our mission is simple: student success, parent satisfaction, and career advancement. As a community of education nerds, academic wonks, and small personal growth junkies, we come together to support each other, create new opportunities, and create a pathway to longterm career success.

DynamicED Mastermind is curated for aspiring administrators and current school leaders (department chairs, assistant principals, principals, coordinators, and directors). Monthly sessions will be focused on topics such as leadership efficiency, best practices, creative leadership, problem solving, building teams, and current trends in education.

  • Individuals:
    • Annual membership = $3,349 (includes a minimum of 12 sessions)
    • Individual sessions = $349 (paid session by session)
  • Groups:
    • Annual membership for up to 6 educators = $14,999 (includes a minimum of 12 sessions)
    • NOTE: Ask about discounts for 10+ educators

Save over 10K on Yearly PD for administrators! DynamicED offers online and in-person sessions and can be utilized for administrator or teacher professional development sessions.

Our cutting-edge speakers can customize sessions for PD days, opening day assemblies for staff, and staff conferences. We look forward to your request to learn more about how DynamicED can meet your school or district professional development needs!

To find out more about the specific sessions visit this page.