What is FerskenED?

The story behind the name... I grew up working on a peach orchard in the mountains of Utah. Everything I learned about hard work, common sense, and life, I learned on that farm. I am also of Danish descent. The Danish word for peach is fersken. When it was time to name the organization, I wanted something that would speak to my upbringing, my heritage, and would communicate the shift in education.
For over 100 years, education in the United States has been shown through the symbol of the apple. Education today is shifting from its humble beginnings. FerskenED is charging forward and replacing the apple with the peach. Hard work, common sense, and remembering where you came from in order to lead for the next generation.

- Chase Eskelsen, Founder

About Us

Chase Eskelsen, M.Ed.

Chase Eskelsen serves as the owner and principal at FerskenED.

Prior to starting FerskenED, Chase was the Chief Operations Officer at an education nonprofit focused on creating and launching new blended learning schools and programs. Under his leadership, the nonprofit launched two blended programs and acquired an international online school with hybrid components.

His educational background started at a full-time online charter school in Texas where he oversaw the operations of the school including attendance and truancy, state testing, registrars, enrollment, and main office tasks. He was then able to launch a second full-time online district school in the state. His team was able to grow enrollment from about 1,400 to approximately 8,000 at the charter and 0 students the first year to about 6,000 students when he departed the district school.

He then transitioned to a role with a major EdTech company supporting the academic policy and public and government affairs teams. He ended his time with this organization as the national director of board and partner relations.

Chase holds a M.Ed. in School Administration. In his free time he enjoys traveling, spending time in the mountains, gardening, and utilizing his sourdough starter in new recipes with his wife and three kids.

Jessica Shopoff, M.Ed.

Jessica Shopoff serves as the Director of Policy for the Texas Public Charter Schools Association. She is responsible for championing the Association’s efforts to reform charter school policy in Texas as they pursue the mission to ensure every family has the ability to choose a high-quality public school.

Prior to joining TPCSA, Jessica was a Harvard Strategic Data Project Fellow and School and Market Analyst for the Learn4Life network of dropout recovery charter schools. She is an educator at heart and her professional career includes time spent as an elementary teacher, online charter high school lead advisor, regional data specialist and trainer, and accountability policy specialist. She is a self-professed data nerd and policy wonk who believes that zip codes should not determine a child’s future.

Jessica holds a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas and a M.Ed in Educational Technology Leadership from Lamar University. She lives in San Antonio, and in her free time enjoys reading, watching football, hiking, and camping in the Texas Hill Country with her husband, four kids, and two dogs.

The Team

Rob Getsy

Rob Getsy has worked in digital marketing and operations for 20 years. Leading marketing teams and demand gen efforts across multiple industries, he got his start in the education space with K12 (Stride Inc.) in 2002. Since then, experience has included growing companies in Virtual Education, Health Care, Financial Services, Technology, Home services, and hospitality.

Rob is a data geek at heart and brings a strong adherence to data backed decision making to the marketing acquisition process. By creating media mix and funnel models, Getsy is able to help companies project their spend and cost per acquisition, prior to the execution of marketing campaigns.

Rob resides in the greater Washington DC area with his family.

Natasha Williams

Natasha Williams has been a teacher or a tutor since 2014. She has taught in a Charter School’s Learning Center and tutored Chinese ESL Learners through the VIPKID Learning platform. Currently Natasha teaches a self-contained Elementary class in a private Christian School. She has found a niche with Middle grade students and younger where her love of fun, songs, and crafts integrate so well with project-based learning. Her secret teacher mentor is Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus.

Her education background includes a Bachelor. of Science in Music and Education.

Natasha and her family live in Southern California. It’s there she uses her rare free time to enjoy reading, gardening, and making music with her four musician kids. She also continues to invest in the next generation in her ‘after-hours’ by staying busy in children’s ministries at her church.

Stephanie Eskelsen

Stephanie Eskelsen, wife of Founder, Chase Eskelsen, serves as a bookkeeper, administrative support, and general business operations for FerskenED.

Stephanie's background includes working in the main office of a local credit union near her home in Santa Clara, CA. She was heavily involved in financial transactions, check and account management, and business support.

She also oversaw the on-campus businesses where she received her undergraduate degree in general studies including the campus bookstore, coffee shop, and diner.

Stephanie is currently a homeschool mom to her three children, she drives the hockey taxi to practices and games weekly, enjoys traveling with her family, learning new kamut flour recipes, and keeping up with her husbands crazy ideas.